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Adam Waheed is an award-winning content creator, comedian, and entrepreneur

Instagram named Adam “The next generation of Insta-Stars” and called him “One of the funniest young comedians on Instagram.” In 2021, Adam more than doubled his total viewership by surpassing over 4.5 billion views across his social media platforms. Adam Waheed is pioneering the future of comedy with his audience input in a game changing way by launching a next generation comedy network where fans get to participate in the writer’s room and provide input on short films and content creation. Additionally members will get early access to content and be able to join Adam behind the scenes while on set via Fireside. Other surprise guests and creators will be joining Adam’s network to also create innovative comedy programming that incorporates the audience as part of the show.

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Fireside Networks

Angry Lunch

The opportunity to be part of the Creator of Entourage’s Entourage

Members get exclusive access to a first-of-its-kind community where you can participate in the production process with your favorite stars.

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Revolutionize the next generation of non-partisan, bias-free journalism

TruthDAO is a nonpartisan, bias-free news organization and publishing platform, built with community support through a decentralized DAO structure. The newsroom is independent with a  mission to bring real, reliable and fact-based journalism back to the world. Together with Fireside they are pioneering the future of interactive multimedia journalism where TruthDAO members will support growth of the independent editorial operation through audience participation in their interactive news shows and related activities in their Fireside news hub.

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