SFS Network

Serial entrepreneurs and husband & wife team Greg McBeth and Falon Fatemi are bringing together leaders with expertise across life, love, and business, in order to discuss and learn what it takes to find success across all three. Conversations are interactive and explore personal successes and failures, including from Greg and Falon’s own lives, and deep-dive into the skills and habits required to achieve consistent success. Join this first-of-its-kind community to connect and win - together. Greg and Falon are both serial entrepreneurs and CEOs (of Melier and Fireside, respectively) who have held leadership roles at companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100’s. Collectively they have raised more than $100M in venture funding across AI, B2B, Consumer Software, Media, and Food and Hospitality and helped grow billion dollar private and public companies. They’ve also hired and led teams of world-class operators, generated hundreds of millions in revenue for businesses, sold companies, and even had a hand in making a few marriages. Greg and Falon have been married for more than 8 years. Today their marriage is stronger than ever and they have their first child on the way. They currently split their time between Miami and Napa Valley.
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